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5^ PROVA  DEM     Int. 32. ADAC-Zuverlässigkeitsfahrt Streitberg 14.10.2012    

"Marcus Kehr gewinnt in Streitberg!" "Marcus Kehr vincitore indiscusso a Streitberg!"


Only every two years, the drivers have the pleasure to ride in the picturesque area Streitberg, Enduro. And this time, in the meantime 32nd Edition of the ADAC reliability test "Franconian Switzerland", the organizer made ​​his reputation back all the glory. Three special tests per lap, the final test was run at the beginning of the day before.

With a total time of 41:44 minutes at least Marcus Kehr leads 5^ round of DEM, who today took home the victory in the championship for the finals with: "It was a completely perfect day it was for me really well, it was great fun, here to drive in Streitberg The course and the exams... were absolutely top. kudos to the organizers! "
Second day was Dennis Schröter before Andreas Beier. Just one second behind Marco Neubert came in fourth. Fifth place went to Tomi Peltola, who also won the E3 class and thus was able to celebrate his first victory DEM class since 2009.

Result of the German Enduro Championship Rating:

First Marcus Kehr, KTM
Second Dennis Schröter, Husqvarna
Third Andreas Beier, KTM
4th Marco Neubert, KTM
5th Tomi Peltola, KTM
6th Derrick Gorner, Husaberg
7th Edward Huebner, Yamaha
8th Sascha Meyhoff, KTM
9th Christian White, Husqvarna
10th Davide von Zitzewitz, KTM




The drivers raved about a perfect, perfectly organized cross-country drive. In fact, had the organizing MSC Franconian Switzerland eV, made with great attention to detail, a great event on the legs. Especially the three special stages, put very varied and liquid conjured, most participants a wide grin across his face. Particularly spectacular is the "short" enduro test, a special stage in the woods completely.

Class E1
After his unfortunate loss last week in Tucheim, Dennis Schröter moved the world from his point of view, again reading: victory against Andreas Beier Huebner and Edward! After that day, it could result to go in the championship hardly scarce. There all three opponents are at the top and in each case only one point separated.
Despite E1-day victory Dennis Schröter not quite one hundred percent was satisfied: "I overslept this morning, the first round a bit, it could have been better towards the end, I then caught again, Marcus was already strong on the road, now you must... recognize, but there are also other races again ", stated the Husqvarna rider, with a view to the next race in Dachsbach, combative.

# 57 Dennis Schröter

Andreas Beier beamed at the finish: ". It was a really nice off-road, to me it has gefetzt with my result, second in the class, third in the championship, I can live with the exception of a small trailer ran today everything really smooth," rejoiced the KTM rider, who has now held the E1 championship lead.

# 1 Andreas Beier

The top position, he "inherited" by Edward Huebner, which today, as day third reached the goal. There was excitement before the penultimate test, as Eddi still had to make a small repair on his Yamaha: "The intake bolt was torn, but I could repair the damage." Subsequently, he had a pretty big crash, but could not, due to its three classes-best time, save the third place to the ultimate goal.

Fourth place went ultimately to Christian Brockel, before Stefan Liebl, who with his fifth place, import hitherto best placement season.

Marcus downside was that day the measure of things. Although he had, now and then, make a Prüfungsbestzeit. But ultimately speak the nearly 51-second lead on the second day Marco Neubert, a pretty clear message. Marcus appeared in the target very happy and from the event impressed mightily: "It was a completely perfect day it was for me really well, it was great fun to race here in Streitberg The course and the exams were absolutely the best one.... Kudos to the organizers! "

# 126 Marcus return

Second place went to Marco Neubert, who as usual, started with the absolute fastest time of all drivers in the day. The second test was still running really well before he had to cope with in the third a brutal blow. "At a small edge I wanted to directly jump down onto the field. However, I was somewhat in the supine position and crashed heavily. I landed on my head. The handlebar bend, the lamp mask askew, off a hand bowl. On the stage I could through the 'm headaches concentrate hard and promptly plunged same again. This was also the second hand bowl away, "reported Marco smiling at the finish, when he fortunately already visibly better.

# 118 Marco Neubert

Third place went to Sascha days Meyhoff. The KTM rider is not a big fan of hard floors, rather loves the sandy, soft ground. But the wet track in the morning he came in handy. "Since the track was nice and soft, I could submit a few good times. Luckily my pad passed. As afternoon against the ground dried up, more and more, but the competition was pretty close."

To be precise: one and a half seconds. It is precisely the lack of Christian White in third. "I've built myself from a fall in the third test everything today. I'm hooked really nice and flown over the handlebars." Fifth place went to Davide von Zitzewitz, which was also missing just three seconds in fourth place.

It was extremely tight in the E3 class to business. At the end of minimal 1.02 seconds decided victory and defeat. Tomi Peltola was the lucky one who had his nose in front. The KTM rider so celebrated, Sulzbach-Rosenberg since 2009, his first stage win DEM. But as soon the Finn on the track was as fast as he was after the finish he disappears again. To his flight back to his home not to miss, was empty at the top step of the podium ceremony.

# 242 Tomi Peltola

Second was Derrick Gorner which his first single DEM title has come a step closer. Since his immediate pursuer Mark cracks was only fifth today, the Husaberg riders built his lead in the championship to 35 points. "The Happier won today. I have finally given everything again, unfortunately it was not quite enough. For a second with ten special stages is really nothing. Nevertheless it was a good day, especially with regard to the championship," said the nevertheless positive conclusion of the E3-leader.

Third place went surprisingly to Philipp Storz. Up to now, the cross-country specialist, who denies this year, his first season DEM, nor been granted no podium. The greater the joy that it has now worked: "It went absolutely perfect today, I did not crash once in the tests I've always been the most marvelous especially the root-and-stone passages I have been right well.. made and fun. This result is of course first class! " so a lucky, but also surprised third day.

# 220 Philipp Storz

Fourth place went to Nick Emmrich, who again moved back to the four-stroke KTM, before the current Championship Second Mark cracks.

Cup classes
Even if two runs are to be completed, are already fixed the first two champions of the year. Luke Reichstein in class E1B and Sebastian Bräuer in class 14, are unassailable in front and can already look deserves mention "Cup Winners 2012".


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