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WWW Oscar
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4^ PROVA  DEM     43. Tucheimer ADAC-Enduro "Rund um den Fiener" 06.10.2012    



Reputazione 11807
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WWW Oscar
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Only a week after the Six Days, the Enduro event of the year, came to an end, today was in the German Enduro Championship already more tightly. The run in the Saxony-Anhalt Tucheim held many surprises and twirled the championship mixed vigorously. Already in the first round, the first bang: Dennis Schröter, the hitherto-championship leader, was because of a defect in his Husqvarna be on stage. Henceforth certain Marcus Kehr and Andreas Beier is happening and dueled in tenths of seconds. But Marcus had to carry around an inverse of a backpack with one penalty, since his team was a mistake inadvertently erred in its creation time. Also affected, Marco Neubert and Tomi Peltola, which latter even cost the E3-day victory. Which was consequently Derrick Gorner's lap, which controls so inexorably toward his first singles title DEM.

Result of the German Enduro Championship:

1.   Andreas Beier , KTM
2.   Edward Hübner, Yamaha
3.   Marcus Kehr, KTM
4.   Davide von Zitzewitz , KTM
5.   Christian Brockel , Husaberg
6.   Derrick Görner , Husaberg
7.   Christian Weiß , Husqvarna
8.   Mark Risse , GasGas
9.   Björn Feldt , KTM
10.   Arne Weidemann , KTM

THE Tucheim 2012 - turbulent events whirl championship!

Only a week after the Six Days, the Enduro event of the year, came to an end, it was already more tightly in the German Enduro Championship. Four events in the next five weekends, give little time to recover. The first, called the final stage, made the running in the Saxony-Anhalt Tucheim. Due to organizational constraints left to the evening, always well attended prologue omitted this time. 2013 but it should again be a finite pre-show, as the organizers promised.
Nevertheless, ensured sufficient claim. Four rounds, completely on the ground, with two special stages, made the 43 Cloth bucket road driving. "Around Fiener" no easy task to

Class E1
After the first lap, the first bang: Dennis Schröter remained with broken bike on the stage, just before the round destination, lie. The cause of yesterday's date could not be determined specifically. Especially annoying as Dennis unchallenged in the first two tests that could provide each total fastest time. In addition, he lost by this failure, a championship, and his leadership in the E1 championship.

Thus Andreas Beier was found suddenly in front. The reigning champion seems, according to some health problems, slowly return to his old top shape. In round two and three, he was playing all the latest class bests for themselves. In the final round of the KTM riders rode security number: "I was completely surprised that there was still a fourth round, I expected actually only three in the last lap I focused, so to make a mistake and am. the whole thing a bit more cautious addressed. I am of course totally on the outcome, say where you have to, without having been the loss of Dennis is certainly not enough to win. So realistically should be. He was in the first round very strong way , it really is extremely good for him. "

# 1 Andreas Beier

Second place went to Edward Huebner, which thus assumes the current championship lead, a point ahead of Beier and five before Schröter. But the Yamaha rider the day was not as desired. Too many small mistakes had undermined him, also hindered him a training injury that he had sustained last Wednesday. "In a fall I have come with the left wrist under the exhaust," said Eddie and shows an immense, chafed blister. "By having this right in the wrist crease sits, it made me handicapped somewhat But even so, the day was more likely to check off was always something else.. Falling stones in the brake gesprungen unhappy on a large stone ... Only in the last round was fairly smooth everything. " This illustrated the two Prüfungsbestzeiten.

# 48 Edward Huebner

Christian Brockel entered exactly one year ago, on the same site, the enduro scene. At that time he had the same attention with a third place. And this time succeeded in the Husaberg rider in third place, again to climb on the podium. "To be honest, I have me a little more calculated. Nevertheless third place is okay. With my new 250 four-stroke I get along quite well, even if there absolute serial standard is," Christian said, the first time to the Six Days with this new model of the action intervened.

# 71 Christian Brockel

Strong Fourth was Tilman Krause, "it was great fun, really nice 'Sand Games', only the rain had not really be". Before Daniel Hanel and Bruno Wachtler, who around torments himself still with his rib injury from the Six Days With Jörg Haustein difference another top driver, due to a broken crankshaft, from an early stage.

Despite penalty, the victory went to Marcus Kehr. Inadvertently his team made a mistake in the calculation time. "It was like a turbulent start to the day. At the first Central Committee prevailed, by supposedly wrong times, like some chaos. But even so, it was not a normal day. I had four falls in the exams, plus a rough departure on the stage, "said the Daily Summary of the KTM rider, who nevertheless took the lead in the championship standings.

# 126 Marcus return

Davide von Zitzewitz scratch again on a stage win. A violent crash when attempting to skip the transverse logs to complete testing in one cost, but valuable time. "I have also in deep sand once caught the idle and am upset," said an annoyed Davide, was but fair, "Second place is perfectly fine, would Marcus conceded no penalty minute, I would not always have been within his reach."

Third place went to Christian White, who undertook above all, without falling to get through the day. "I succeeded once again not quite, unfortunately! In the last test, it got me again pulled down neatly over the handlebars. So I am glad that it worked once again with a podium finish," said the husky rider final.

Fourth was Bert Meyer, before Marco Neubert and Michael Röhrl. Marco was also the "time-mishap" affected his team. Even worse, however, it caught Sascha Meyhoff. After an excellent start to the day and a second place in the meantime, he had to cancel after an engine failure early on the sails.

Also in this class chose penalty minutes between victory and defeat. Tomi Peltola was actually the day fastest, but also him verhagelten from selfsame reason as sweeping and Neubert, penalty minutes the real triumph. Thus, the victory went to the championship leader Husaberg rider Derrick Gorner, expand what his point lead could continue: "When I learned of Tomis penalty minutes, I removed some speed and drove it safe Otherwise ran at me this all goes to plan. . Proposal has no crashes, I'm satisfied. "

# 203 Derrick Gorner

As mentioned in last Waldkappel was Mark cracks strong second. Mark and his team boss himself was that joy formally written into his face: "I am overjoyed No crashes, I got through all always good, just perfect!" Thus strengthens the Gas Gas rider in second place in the championship.

# 204 Mark cracks

Third was Björn Feldt, who had to pack in the last race in Waldkappel occupationally heavy heart: "Yes, I was already annoyed a bit, but since you can make anything work comes all the more, I am pleased that in this Tucheim.. worked out again with a podium finish has. the route met me much, although I would have liked even more extended holes. "

As so often this season, fourth place went to Arne Weidemann, followed by Otto and friend Nick Emmrich.

Already next week the German championship in Franconia Streitberg continues. Wait there three challenging rounds, with a total of ten stages, and people.

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