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Autore Discussione: [FRANCIA] 9^ 10^ PROVA CAMPIONATO ENDURO FRANCIA A AMBERT 4-5 OTTOBRE 2014  (Letto 4073 volte)
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WWW Oscar
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Le Moto Club du Livradois est une association type loi de 1901 dont l’objectif est la promotion des loisirs verts motorisés dans le respect de la nature et des populations.

Au travers de l’organisation d’épreuves sportives telles que la RAND’AUVERGNE, des moto-cross et des Trials, le MCL participe activement à l’activité économique locale par la venue de centaines de personnes chaque année en région Livradois Forez.

Le crédo du club est d’organiser des manifestations de qualité et reconnues tant par les populations que par les participants comme de évènements incontournables de l’activité locale.


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WWW Oscar
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France Championship Enduro - Finale - Ambert - National

Calm returned to the quiet town of Ambert that vibrated the time of a weekend at the sound of 350 motorcycles involved in the final of the Championship of France Enduro. An epilogue that will offer its share of emotions, some disappointments but mostly a lot of explosions of joy at the finish. You only had to lend an ear when price giving ceremonies to understand the infatuation wears Auvergne hearing for enduro. At the applause, the categories have national par with the elite, and it was frankly deserved as there have been fights, weapons passes and suspense throughout the year.

"Espoir" Category:

The camp TM Racing France exulted Sunday afternoon at the exit of the final stage of the day. Their youngest driver Quentin De Maulde Delhaye had to offer them a championship of France. Not least because it is the hope as a well stocked category springboard to the elite which aims to hatch the champions of tomorrow. And a champion, Quentin has all the stuff. By winning the 2 days and signing lap at the earliest pilots the Junior category, he wears his victories counter 5 of the 10 races contested this season. Behind him, Jean-Baptiste NICOLOT (KTM) retains his second place and became vice-champion of France. The task, however, has not been easy. Saturday night, Bastien Mechin (Yamaha) had taken her this place for a small point. Fifth in this last Sunday was right to these ambitions. Mechin rises still on the 3rd step of the podium this beautiful hope.

Hope final ranking:

Delhaye Quentin De Maulde - 155 Pts

Jean-Baptiste NICOLOT-138 Pts

Bastien Mechin- 135 Pts

National Category 1:

Taking the start Saturday morning, Charly Saroul (Yamaha) was intended to mark the 11 points that separated him from the championship of France National 1. He finished in 3rd place of the day, an unusual place for him that was not descended below the second step of the podium this season, but enough room to add 15 points to his tally, and celebrate it as 24 hours before the end of the championship. Sunday, he also let these competitors speak without him. It's Florent Bouret (Husqvarna) who makes the most. It requires 2 days and consolidates its position as vice-champion of France. Charles Feyrit complete the podium. Good performance also Martin Vignal. The Academy GasGas Enduro driver takes up twice the second place and dates back to the 4th place overall ranking N1.


Final ranking N1:

Charly Saroul - 163 Pts

Florent Bouret- 159 Pts

Charles Feyrit - 112 Pts

National Category 2:

  In N2, the boss of the category did not detail this weekend. If he lets the win for less than a second to Pierre-Yves Artaud (Sherco Academy) Saturday, Mathieu Degli Espoti (GasGas Enduro Academy) returns Ambert with a championship of France N2 obtained from Saturday and another win which drives the nail Sunday. Behind him, his three pursuers candidates in second place were only separated by 5 points. In the absence of Florent Vayssade, the trio turned duo and it is Clément Goué that is doing best. With 2/6 Instead, he ended his season runner-up France before Cedric Noah.

Final ranking N2:

Mathieu Degli Esposti- 149 Pts

Clement Gouet - 116 Pts

Cédric Noé- 110 Pts


National Category 3:

Queen of suspense category N3 will this season thrilled all fans of great battles. Pannetier between Laurent (KTM), France champion and vice European Champion Veteran, and the young driver academy Sherco Florent Allamel, the difference this year has been very tight, and it was not until the very last moment to designate a winner. By signing the win Saturday and relegating Pannetier in third place, Allamel had already made an important first step towards its goal. Sunday with the rain, the experience of his opponent allowed him to quickly take the race lead and never quit. Pannetier necessary but not sufficient to prevent Allamel second of the day, to triumph in this category big cars. Going up two podiums (second Saturday and third Sunday), Guillaume Chaumeil (KTM) plays a good operation and takes 3rd place from Benoit Cadinot.

Final ranking N3:

Florent Allamel - 168 Pts

Laurent Pannetier - 167 Pts

Guillaume Chaumeil- 143 Pts


Category 50:

As we know, the races of the Championship of France Enduro are particularly challenging for the drivers and machines. Particularly in the category of 50 often has many dropouts. Saturday Ambert is Sulpy Leon (Moto Club Lozérien) that thwarts the best layout and pitfalls of Auvergne who finished only driver listed for this race day. A victory but a driver wounded on arrival which unfortunately will not take the start of the race Sunday morning. It thereby loses the advantage of 9 points accumulated yesterday against his rival for the title, Adrien Jacon. This, despite a 10-minute penalty, takes Sunday 15 points 3rd place and thus obtained the title of Champion of France 50. Leon Sulpy retains second place and Enzo Camacho, winner on Sunday, Compete the podium.

Final ranking 50:

Adrien Jacon- 126 Pts

Leon Sulpy - 120 Pts

Enzo Camacho - 50 Pts

Category Veterans:

Veteran, Jerome Taesh continued its momentum this weekend by winning easily to its competitors. Titled early Saturday, he also triumphed Sunday, totaling about season 9 innings victories over 10. In its wake, the Aveyron Jerome Calvignac closes regular season and sees headline runner-up France. Jimmy Vautrain ends in a few seconds off the podium Saturday and Sunday, but has enough ahead to keep its third place.

  Final ranking Veterans:

Jérome Taesch - 180 Pts

Jerome Calvignac - 148 Pts

Jimmy Vautrain - 138 Pts


The curtain falls on a Championship of France who has once again demonstrated the passion that revolves around this beautiful discipline of enduro. We note that this season was marked by a record number of both the drivers side as spectators, which is a very encouraging sign, which suggests a 2015 season even more exciting. See you soon on to discover what awaits us next year.


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WWW Oscar
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Championnat de France 2014 - The Podium

Sunday evening Ambert, the Moto Club Livradois had seen it big by preparing a beautiful scene in the multipurpose room of Ambert. It was in this room that held the ceremony in the prices of 2015 season and this was an opportunity to thank all those who work throughout el'année for the success of the championship, Moto clubs, many loyal partners, and all the little hands that are busy, often behind the scenes to ensure the success of these events. Jean-Luc mirror, the promoter of the championship, took the opportunity to present the Championship calendar in 2015 (which will be formalized at the congress of the French Federation of Motorcycling next November)


Elite Podium E1:

- 1 / Christophe Nambotin

- 2 / Marc Bourgeois

- 3 / Loïc Larrieu




Podium Elite E2:

- 1 / Pierre-Alexandre Renet

- 2 / Romain Dumontier

- 3 / Xavier De Soultrait




Elite Podium E3:

- 1 / Antoine Basset

- 2 / Emmanuel Albepart

- 3 / Jeremy Joly



Elite Private podium:

- 1 / Xavier De Soultrait

- 2 / Julien Jagu

- 3 / Maximilien Gourgouilhon


Junior podium:

- 1 / Jérémy Carpentier

- 2 / Theo Bazerque

- 3 / Maëlig Bron-Fontanaz




Podium Manufacturer:

- 1 / KTM

- 2 / Husaberg

- 3 / YAMAHA





Women's Podium:

- 1 / Géraldine Fournel

- 2 / Samanthe Tichet

- 3 / Marion Gimbert



Podium Hopes:

- 1 / Delhaye Quentin De Maulde

- 2 / Jean Bptiste NICOLOT

- 3 / Bastien Mechin




50cc podium:

- 1 / Adrien Jacon

- 2 / Leon Sulpy

- 3 / Enzo Camacho




National Podium 1:

- 1 / Charly Saroul

- 2 / Florent Bouret

- 3 / Charles Feyrit




National Podium 2:

- 1 / Mathieu Degli-Espoti

- 2 / Clément Gouet

- 3 / Cédric Noah




National Podium 3:

- 1 / Florian Allamel

- 2 / Laurent Pannetier

- 3 / Guillaume Chaumeil




Podium Veteran:

- 1 / Jerome Taesch

- 2 / Jerome Calvignac

- 3 / Jimmy Vautrain

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